Integrated urban planning

Moka is among the most attractive regions of the island and a clear reference in terms of Smart Cities in Mauritius. The aim of this vibrant city where you can go out, have a walk and meet in public places is to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life and experience of residents and users.

The planned urban development of Moka Smart City is in line with a master plan implemented over the past 12 years. It hinges on 4 essential principles:

A multidisciplinary team (urban planners, engineers, architects, social workers, etc.)

A long-term master plan based on the “citysmarting” concept, which allows for continuous adjustment and improvement of the city’s master plan and facilities to better meet the changing needs of citizens and daily users.

A detailed knowledge of the area and its (current and future) citizens and users

A balance between the different components of the city: inhabitants, facilities, environment, etc.

A planned development

A vibrant city where everything
is within walking distance

Moka is a planned and environmentally aware city designed to offer all daily conveniences within 10 minutes: schools and universities, commercial and business centres, private health services, leisure and sports centres, etc.

A business destination

Moka has a population of 26,000 inhabitants and is situated in an economic area that accounts for 40% of the workforce of Mauritius and 70% of the purchasing power. Moka provides an opportunity to invest in safe, high-quality and strategically located property assets.