Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Making Mauritius smarter

The Government of Mauritius launched the Smart City Scheme in 2015 to promote innovation, sustainable development, efficiency and quality of life.

ENL Property subsequently embraced this vision of a sustainable Mauritius and embarked on a Smart City certification process for Moka, whose integrated development has been underway for almost 15 years.

A few years later, in 2022, ENL Property wishes to leverage the experience gained as the developer of Moka Smart City to deploy an ambitious project in Savannah, in the south of the island.

Our developments under the Smart City Scheme

The objectives of the Smart City Scheme

  • Promote the development of planned and sustainable cities
  • Position Mauritius as a financial centre and investment platform on the global stage
  • Encourage foreign direct investment and exports
  • Boost innovation and facilitate the setting up of businesses in Mauritius
  • Provide a framework for more efficient resource management

Benefits of the Smart City Scheme

There are various benefits to investing in a smart city both for individuals and investors.


VAT exemption on inputs, equipment, facilities and machinery

Allocating 50% of capital expenditure annually for energy efficient equipment and green technologies

8-year tax holiday for property development companies

Ability to promote their developments among foreigners


A reduced environmental footprint

Soft mobility solutions: e-scooters and bicycles, carpooling application, etc.

Quality infrastructure

Residence permit upon acquisition of property worth at least USD 375,000

Possibility to resell a property to another foreigner